About Us

Qloud is the platform that will re-evolutionate the qualifications

Thanks to our extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and health care sectors, the quality systems, and the expertise of our team, we work to optimize the time and resources of your company, offering the solution that best suits you.

This is how this software bursts into the market, to enhance your results and to improve performance and processes.

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Qloud Vision

We are the re-evolution you are looking for.

Thanks to our experience, we know how important is for you to obtain accurate and reliable results, and this is one of our company’s essential objectives.

In a fast-moving sector, Qloud offers to you effective solutions.

Qloud Mission

To support you on processes improvement and time optimization

With our software solutions, you can obtain the results of your qualification processes in seconds, providing validated data and calculations, and automatically generating high-quality reports.

This is the way we want to support you, making sure you achieve agile processes, in which the time of generation and revision of a document, would not entail an unnecessary delay anymore.

Qloud Values


Qloud is the innovative RE-EVOLUTION of your traditional qualification processes, born with the experience and knowledge gathered together.

With our different solutions, we increase the EFFICIENCY of your qualifications, optimizing time and resources, and aligned with the digital transformation of the sector.

We believe in EMPATHY as the starting point for the development of new products, our impulse to create the change.

Qloud Thermal | Appgrade Your company

Qualifying your thermal equipment?

Our application QLOUD Thermal is intended to enhance the qualification process of thermal equipment. It guarantees a high standard of quality, minimizes the time frame of the processes, including documentation generation and tests execution, and provides reviewed and validated results in real-time, ensuring a time optimization during final documentation review.

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